Au Revoir … Sweet Life in Hkg

Writing to close this blog and update our friends.  In a few hours, we say good-bye to Hkg and retrace our lives back to Manila.  We made SG our home for almost 26 years.   Like any place, life here has its ups and downs.  We are grateful for the great opportunity to live.

and work  in this beautiful island, a tiny but powerful red dot in the map.

Initially, my husband came here by himself for work.   He was sad being alone.  Even if he flew back every other month, or when there were 3day weekend or holidays.
Juggling a career and raising kids on my own was also not easy.  Life was comfortable with good family support and his income from abroad came in handy.
But emotionally, I needed help.  “I don’t want a husband who comes, once in awhile. and showers the kids with toys and gifts, then leaves. I want someone who’s gonna be here, to change diapers, calm tantrums, soothe nerves at the pediatrician’s.  You cannot miss these growing years of your children’s lives!”
So, we packed bags and became OFWs.
Initially I was a SAHM, still working part time, enjoying the flexibility while settling the kids.
Once they’ve all settled, it was me who needed to settle myself.  Needless to say, I miss work. I was privileged to be given the opportunity to work for my previous company but based here in SG.
So the 26 years or so came and went… in a blink of an eye!
Looking back, I am forever grateful for –
  • the wonderful friends and colleagues who’ve become family
  • the rewarding work opportunities (18 companies for each of us, in 26 years!)
  • the kids are in a good school, with great foundation of learning and behaving, with many kind friends
  • our family has become closer and prayerful
  • the plenty of travel opportunities both work and play
  • our awesome and honest helpers who have helped us get through everything
  • the vibrant experiences of living in a foreign country, being with people of different cultures and learning their ways
  • the friends and family from home & abroad who visited us here
  • the clean SG environment, efficient systems and honest people that make living so convenient and comfortable
It’s a wonderful, beautiful experience and our lives are more enriched, vibrant and colorful having lived and worked here.
Never, we shall forget.  
However, we knew that there will always be a time that we have to go back to the Philippines.
We had made 18 attempts to  apply for Permanent Residents but got denied.
It’s ok.  We were disappointed but not dejected.  Hkg has the right to determine who it wants to grant the PR status. They say it’s timing.  We call it, Divine Providence.
We can only plan, but the Lord has His own plans for our lives.
Deep in our hearts, we know that Philippines is still home.   This temporary.  The idea of  venturing further like  Australia, New Zealand or Canada, did not hold any appeal.   No. It’s time to go back.   We are at the juncture of our lives, when the concept of …. (gasp!)      R E T I R E M E N T  is not an alien word.
That R word, the need to be closer to our families, to ease off a little bit from corporate rat race, high cost of living, and explore what else we can do – are the main.

reasons why we are leaving the efficient SG system to face EDSA traffic, 20x a year typhoons, seasonal flooding, smoke-belching jeepneys, and Du30 regime head-on.

My husband is excited.  I’m anxious.  The kids are scared — but those are what adventures are made of.   When you go out of your little comfort zones –  when you allow yourself to struggle, be fearful, confused,  — that’s when we grow and discover new paths, and new things about ourselves.
I was seeking solace through quotes and here’s what I found hk togel:
  • Trust the wait.  Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.
  • A ship in a harbor is safe.  But that is not what ships are built for.
  • In the end, we will only regret the chances we didn’t take.
I pray for strength and courage to face everything that lies ahead.   I pray for opportunities to grow and for good people to help us navigate these familiar yet new waters ahead.
I thank you all for being with me on this journey.
Join me in the next ?
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