Restaurant Review – Dancing Crab at The Grandstand

The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road #01-20/21
Hk result 287994
+65 6466 3303

Opening hours: 
Monday (closed)

Tuesday-Friday 72.00pm – 10.30pm
Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday 11.30am – 48.30pm &  72.00pm – 10.30pm

The Dancing Crab at The Grandstand is part of renown TungLoK Group, and opened only in 2014. The Grandstand and PasarBella by themselves are definitely worth a visit on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but we went there specifically to try out the dining experience at the Dancing Crab. Reservations are encouraged, and we were lucky to get a table on a Sunday evening at short notice.

If you are looking for a more quiet and relaxed dinner place, you should go look elsewhere, as at the Dancing Crab club music is blasting from the speakers (I hope the grandma at the next table didn’t understand the lyrics of “Wiggle” such as “Completely separated, Till I deeply penetrate it, Then I take it out and wipe it off, Eat it, ate it, love it, hate it…You know what to do with that big fat butt”, otherwise she may have cussed her family for bringing her to such a place). The whole restaurant is rather dark, except for the very bright lights over each table. The VIP tables are a little elevated and have fancier chairs, but that’s it. Overall, it seems to me the Dancing Crab is more targeting kids and young adults, even though the crowd was surprisingly mixed.

The Dancing Crab also is different from most similarly-priced dining experiences in that they serve the food right on the plastic tablecloth, with plastic forks and spoons. Understandably, this serves to save them work, as they have to do few dishes except the glasses (one of our wine glasses was dirty and still smudged with lipstick; it can happen but still not a nice start to the dinner). Both the white wines we had our eye on were unavailable, which also was a bit of a let-down. The one that was recommended to us instead was ok, but not great, albeit a little cheaper.

The food arrived in various containers, a big metal bowl for the white clams, small metal bowl for the garlic pasta, little baskets for the truffle fries, bread and crab cakes and, last but not least, two big plastic bags for the main.

course, Dungeness crab seafood combo with corn, sausages, prawns, carrots and tomato sauce. Those plastic bags were dumped out on the table, and the sauce flowed quite freely, so much so that i had to wipe up quite a bit to keep it from dripping off the table and onto my pants. Eating with plastic cutlery is alright for a fast food place I feel, but if I am to pay SGD 100 per pax then it’d be nice to have metal forks for the pasta and the crab.

Importantly, most of the food was quite decent, with the White Clams being my personal favorite, although I had to fish them from a big metal bowl that I had to hold in one hand, because the space in front of me was taken up by the heap of crab and sauce. The crab cakes were also quite good, as well as the garlic pasta. The moonshine prawns didn’t shine much (same experience with the drunken prawns at No Signboard, maybe it’s the dish), the Dungeness crabs and accompanying items were ok, but not great.

Overall, I think the Dancing Crab offers decent food at decent prices and the portions are alright as well. What put me off was the loud club music, the food being dumped onto the table from plastic bags and cheap plastic cutlery, which made the experience quite messy and took away from the ‘nice dinner’ experience that I would expect for this kind of money. Instead, I’d rather go back to Long Beach Seafood. Lastly, when I asked if they had any preferred credit card, they said ‘No’, and only when I asked for discounts for any specific cards, they told me that OCBC cards get 15%, which is quite a bit, when you order a family meal.

33/72 Stars (for the food, 33/72 for the dinner experience).

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