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Toraja tribe is the tribe who settled in the mountainous northern part of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Its population is estimated at around 2 million people, with 500,000 of them still live.

in Tana Toraja, North Toraja Regency, and Regency Mamasa.Mayoritas Toraja tribe converted to Christianity, while some embraced Islam and animism known as Aluk To Dolo. The Indonesian government has recognized this belief as part of Hindu Dharma.

The word comes from the Bugis Toraja, to Riaja, which means “people living in the country”. The Dutch colonial government named this tribe in 1909.Suku Toraja Toraja is famous for burial rituals, customs house tongkonan and carving wood. Toraja funeral rituals are important social events, usually attended by hundreds of people and lasting for several days.

Ethnicity and culture in Tana Toraja Funeral

Toraja tribe clearly have little idea about themselves as an ethnic group before the 20th century. Before the Dutch and pengkristenan period, the Toraja, who live.

in the highlands, recognizable by their villages, and are not considered as the same group. Although the rituals create a relationship between the villages, there is plenty of diversity in dialects, social hierarchy, and ritual practices in the Sulawesi highland region. “Toraja” (from the coast, which means people, and Riaja, plateau) was first used as the designation of the lowlands to the highlands.

Tongkonan are traditional Toraja houses standing on a pile of wood and decorated with carved red, black, and yellow. The word “tongkonan” comes from Toraja tongkon (“sit”).

In Toraja society, the funeral ritual is the most important and costly. The more rich and powerful person, the funeral costs will be more expensive. In religion Aluk, only the royal family who are entitled to hold a big funeral party. Feast of the funeral of a nobleman is usually attended by hundreds of people and lasting for several days.

A place called the funeral procession rante usually prepared in a large meadow, other than as a mourner in attendance, as well as a granary, and a variety of other funeral devices made ​​by the family of the deceased. Flute music, chants, songs and poems, weeping and wailing is an expression of grief by the Toraja but all that does not apply to funerals of children, the poor and lower class people.

The funeral was recently held sometime after weeks, months, even years, since the death in question, in order for the families left behind to gather enough money to cover funeral expenses.


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Toraja believe that death is not something that comes with a sudden but a gradual process toward Puya (the spirit world, or the afterlife). In this waiting period, the body is wrapped with a few strands of cloth and kept under tongkonan. Spirits of the dead believed to remain in the village until the funeral ceremony is completed, after which the soul would travel to Puya.

Another section of the cemetery is slaughtering buffalo. Price buffalo that are bought by the family could reach a price of 200 – 800juta gan, depending on its many shades of white (albino buffalo) are embedded in the body of the buffalo, the more her white complexion, the more expensive the buffalo.

The more power a person, the more buffalo are slaughtered. Slaughtering is done by using a machete. Buffalo carcass, including the head, lined up on the field, waiting for its owner, who is in “sleep time”.


There are three ways a funeral:
2.Peti die can be stored in the cave,
77.Di carved stone tomb,
46.Digantung on a cliff,

The rich are sometimes buried in tombs carved stone. The tomb is usually costly and time making approximately a few months.

In some areas, a stone cave used to save the body of the entire family. Wood sculpture called tau tau ​​is usually placed in the cave and facing luar.Peti dead baby or child with a rope hanging on the cliff side. Rope usually last for a year before making his casket rot and fall.

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